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๐Ÿ’› Our Mission

We’re your local cultural community center, in the style of a cafรฉ library.

We provide our local community with increased access to education, resources, & art that is accessible to and reflective of underrepresented cultures and identities. We have a focus on the Asian-American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, but provide a safe space for individuals of all backgrounds & identities to find safety and solace in.

We’ve partnered with several different Asian-American owned small businesses to source our coffee ingredients, books, and resources. Our literature is curated by experts in their field and are thoroughly vetted to ensure their accuracy. Becoming a library member is free (suggested donation of $25) and you’ll have access to thousands of hand-picked literature and research – just a few stops down the MBTA red line.

Our organization is Asian-led, queer-led, and woman-led! ๐ŸŽ‰

We’re a very small grassroots organization, and we are a group of underrepresented individuals: we see you and we hear you. We provide resources and solutions through a community responsive, anti-capitalist, decolonized lens.

๐Ÿ’› Our Values

A lack of capital is the biggest challenge that we find many people in underserved communities experience, and we help to alleviate that challenge by providing basic necessities and services for free or at a low-cost. Our food fund and food pantry is just one of the many community-based programs within the organization.

We also offer exclusive classes and programs for members of our community. The programs, classes, and events that we host and coordinate are run by professionals offering their time and services for free.

We do not support growing businesses, organizations, and communities that contribute to the exploitation of humans in any capacity.

We prioritize ensuring that every organization, business, group, and individual we work with aligns with our values. We don’t support or work with groups that discriminate against identity due to race, sex, sexual orientation, disability status, citizenship status, or any other protected identity.

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