Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is a group of carefully selected individuals who have volunteered their time to help run the organization. They represent the voices of the community that they represent.

Questions? Not sure who to direct your question to? You can send all general inquiries to to contact all Board members.

Executive Board

Emily Goroza (she/hers)
Founder, Executive Director

Emily (she/hers) started Panethnic Pourovers in April of 2023, as a result of corporate burnout and wanting to make more of an impact on her community. She is a Filipino-American with a love for people and her community. Emily is a Quincy resident and is passionate about bringing justice to the forefront of all her work. She identifies as neurodivergent and queer, using her varied perspectives and identities to help make progress in her community work.

Emily also works as a developer and designer for Winnable PBC, and uses income from her development job to fund PePo and adhere to its values. As an artist, activist, and extrovert, you can also find her volunteering and exploring throughout Boston and the South Shore.

To email Emily directly:

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Wren Lee (they/them)
Program Director

Wren Lee (they/them) is Panethnic Pourovers’s Program Director. They’re second-generation Chinese-American. They joined Panethnic Pourovers to strengthen the Greater Boston AAPI community and connect with new friends after moving here from Texas.

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Mercy Clemente (they/them)
Administrative Director

Mercy (they/them) is a transracial Korean adoptee and an active volunteer at Panethnic Pourovers. They first joined PePo to work on the lending library program before joining the Board of Directors. Now, they work to create efficient and smooth operations for PePo and all of its programs! Mercy also lends a hand in pop ups, as PePo representation, and with cafe maintenance.

They like to read, create art, learn new things and meet new people. Mercy is passionate about tech equity, literature, (public) health, and learning how to be a balanced activist.

To email Mercy directly:


Cindy Lee (she/hers)
Director, Café Lead

Cindy (she/hers) is a graduate from Boston University, where she studied Nutrition Sciences and Public Health. She hopes to use her education to grow as a public health professional and increase access to nutritious foods in institutions and hospitals.

In her free time, you can find Cindy sipping on a matcha and coloring at PEPO; or gaming on her switch and steam deck!

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Liam Hobbs (he/him)
Co-Library Director, Café Lead

Liam Hobbs (he/him) grew up in Hingham, spending summers with his grandmother in Vineyard Haven, Martha’s Vineyard. As a teen he dealt with addiction and ended up dropping out, getting his GED at 20, and sober at 21.

Since then he has worked at his mother’s coffee shop in Hingham and is currently attending UMass Boston with a focus on Asian studies and a minor in Japanese. You can find him swearing at himself while playing Elden Ring, or making Emily listen to underground hip hop she’s learned to love. 

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Melanie Floyd (she/hers)
Food Insecurity Director

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Board Advisors

While Board Advisors do not sit on the Board and do not have any governing power, they provide us with professional guidance surrounding non-profit compliance, regulations, fundraising ideas, and often sponsorships. We are eternally grateful for the knowledge from our Board Advisors!

Ed Lee (he/him)
Board Advisor

Ed (he/him) is a Board Advisor for Panethnic Pourovers. Having retired from corporate life, he is now using his spare time to support PePo and other 501(c)(3) nonprofits in the city, taking on cybersecurity risk management consulting gigs, and is also preparing to be a Ramsey financial coach so he can offer a free financial coaching service.

To email Ed directly:


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